Sabtu, 26 April 2008

Digital Audio Bi-Directional Optical Toslink Switch and Splitter

Product Description
This dual-purpose optical device works as both an optical switch and an optical splitter. As a switch, it will allow you to connect more than one input source to your home theater amplifier/receiver. Connect up to 2 audio sources and choose between them, rather than dealing with the hassle of constantly unplugging and reconnecting cables. Switch between digital audio components such as your satellite receiver, CD/DVD player, and video game console with ease. Just connect 2 of your audio sources to one end of this switch, and connect the other end to your amplifier/receiver. Then simply power on the source you would like to hear, and this device will auto sense it and begin outputting the audio to your amplifier/receiver. This device also works as an optical splitter. It will allow you to connect one digital audio input source, and split the signal to 2 home theater receiving devices. Now you can split the digital signal from your CD, DVD or other digital optical device and connect it to both your receiver and digital video recorder (DVR). This device is easy to use and does not require a power source, making it a must-have for any home theater enthusiast.

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